Victor not victim


Organize the crucial medical information. Learn about your case so you can make good decisions about doctors and treatment. You want to be able to ride the treatment ride with the serenity of knowing you made the best decisions you could.


The Bev Strategy in a Nutshell


  1. Take notes. Write everything down; you won’t remember clearly because of the stress. 
  2. Go old school – When your nerves are wracked and your doctor appointments rushed, a binder and legal pad can work better than notes on your phone or laptop. Keep a legal pad and pen with you always (or, some people find a Remarkable Tablet, or the like, is the best of both worlds.)  For more, see the Optimize Your Doctors Appointments page.
  3. Your binder is your new best friend. It will help steady you emotionally. Focusing on its organization will give you peace and help you learn what you need to know to make good decisions, despite the stress threatening to drown you. Knowing you can find anything in an instant will decrease your stress.
  4. Educate yourself on your case. You can’t leave your brain at the door right now. You have to be able to distinguish the best doctors and treatments for you.  
  5. Find the right doctor.Nice” and “convenient” are terrific, but a cutting-edge specialist can be more critical when you need to save your life.  
  6. Make the most of your appointments:  
  • Start writing down your questions early
  • Take notes on your doctor’s answers 
  • Listen and engage actively to distinguish the best doctor and plan for you
  1. Stay organized with no extra to-do’s on your list: Organize your notes and other paperwork in your binder before you leave the doctor’s office.   
  2. Be savvy about healthcare today:
  • Frustrating for doctors and patients alike
  • Be your own advocate
  • Be kind
  • Care about your medical team.  
    You are in a crisis, but don’t let that prevent you from showing a genuine interest in the people working to help you.  Plus, the more connected they feel to you, the more they will want to go beyond their Hippocratic Oath for you, the way they would for any other friend. 
  1. Proactive health:  There is such joyful empowerment in purposely eating anti-disease foods to help your immune system, ditto for showering your ears and eyes with inspiring podcasts, books, and films. Exercising and meditating can help regulate your emotions so you can thrive during this challenging time.   


"There is a desperate need for The Bev Strategy.”
Dr. Paul Scheinberg
retired Chief Medical Officer of Emory St Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, GA, and Pulmonologist.